Graduate School in Biomedicine and Biotechnology (GSBB)


The GSBB was a cross-university project that aimed to improve the quality and efficacy of biomedicine and biotechnology education in Estonia.

The School operated under the auspices of the Faculty of Biology and Geography at the University of Tartu, in collaboration with the Estonian University of Life Sciences and the Tallinn University of Technology.

Connecting researchers and doctoral students at various universities, the School encouraged contacts, lectures and seminars that pushed collaboration beyond individual research groups.

Partners of GSBB were:

University of Tartu

Tallinn University of Technology

Estonian University of Life Sciences

Partners in Estonia

Estonian Biocentre

SA Geenikeskus

Estonian Society of Human Genetics (website in Estonian)

Tartu Biotechnology Park

Competence Centre for Cancer Research

Estonian e-Health Foundation

International partners

Tampere Graduate School in Biomedicine and Biotechnology, Finland

University of Konstanz, Germany

University of Göttingen, Germany

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden

Lithuanian University of Health Sciences