The Competence Centre on Health Technologies

The Competence Centre on Health Technologies is a research and technology organization (RTO) established in 2009. It conducts high-level customer-driven research as well as creates and develops products and technologies in reproductive medicine, oncology, personal, laboratory and veterinary medicine.

During 2010-2015, company’s research activities were dedicated to reproductive medicine and biotechnology. Specifically, projects aimed at providing novel information about the female and male reproductive biology, with the information subsequently used to identify disease biomarkers and advance the technologies for diagnostics and care. More than 170 articles, often in top journals such as Nature and Nature Genetics etc., were published within that period; 13 PhD ja 26 MSc theses were defended.

CCHT is one of the few private companies in Estonia that has been positively evaluated by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Science for its research and development activities. Four European patent applications were submitted to protect company’s inventions. In 2014, CCHT’s first own product was launched. The male infertility genetic test is offered globally by Asper Biotech Ltd.

Development pipeline by August 2015:

  • Probiotic strains for Bacterial vaginosis, Candidiasis infections treatment selected, effectiveness and safety trials completed. Clinical trials phase;
  • Non-invasive test for Endometriosis diagnose. Validation phase;
  • Genetic tests for assessing the ovarian reserve and response to controlled ovarian stimulation. Validation phase;
  • Non-invasive test for Endometrial quality assessment. Validation phase;
  • Bovine sperm sex selection markers identified. Validation phase;
  • Bovine embryo production technology. Validation phase
  • Cloning transgenic technology development (Cows with human INS and FSH genes), two transgenic cattle’s have born. Development continues
Main research areas

Reproductive medicine, personalized medicine, drug development